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 Embark on an epic quest with Raven Coven’s Rotten Egg Hunt II: an adventure where destiny intertwines with every spell. This year, we've tamed the AI Djinni to craft a gaming experience like no other; mysteries and paths evolve dynamically, ensuring no two quests are alike while offering endless possiblities.

Brave hunters and stitchers in the darkness, user your wildest imagination and and sharpest skills, navigate through shadows of Raven Coven, and unveil 22 rotten eggs.

Over 25 exclusive free patterns await,

amidst a realm of free-to-play enchantment. The Game Master and Oracle guides, the Zombie Bunny lurks, and every stitch you cast weaves your legend.

Prepare for a journey of boundless imagination. Seek the hidden, embrace the magical unknown, and let the thrill of discovery lead you. Answer the ancient call, for the Hunt has begun – a testament to the magic only Raven Coven can weave.



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