Ghoulish Gourd Gathering

Judas Juggernaut


You’ve ventured deeper into the realm of darkness and uncovered the enigmatic Judas Juggernaut.

As a reward for your relentless pursuit, we offer you the Skeleton Last Supper Cross Stitch Pattern, a chilling depiction of the macabre feast that awaits the cursed.

Prepare yourself for the next terrifying revelation, where Gory Gourdripper lurks, ready to share its gruesome tale.


Next CLUE!

In the moonlit stitches, where ghouls and gourds play,
With pumpkins entwined in wicked threads, a chilling tale holds sway.
When the cursed bundle beckons, heed its spectral display,
Unlock the power of the pumpkin, as night turns into day.

Among the Halloween ensemble, where darkness finds its path,
Beneath the witching moon’s glow, reveal its haunting aftermath.
You’ll need to return with the collection of cursed gourds in your stash,
To unveil Gory Gourdripper’s secrets, in the shadows you must dash.

Having trouble finding the next pumpkin? We appreciate your enthusiasm and the overwhelming response!


To make the game even more enjoyable, please use the hints below only when needed.

Especially the last one may include some spoilers.

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to reach out to us at

For the Gory Gourdripper, a challenge it may be,
No obvious clue, a test for you and me.
In your stash, not just free, but paid, you’ll see,
Go back and look again, what’s hidden in the spree?

A riddle obscure, a prize grand and rare,
In your collection, seek patterns with care.
A treasure awaits, a reward to declare,
Gory Gourdripper’s secret, hidden somewhere.

Beneath the moon’s enchanting light, a clue concealed with grace,
In honor of the chosen day, unlock a secret space.
A bundle tied to special lore, within your stash’s embrace,
Though its price may be a bit more, you’ll find it in this chase.

Return to the bundle’s realm, where treasures hide in wait,
Explore the details, take the helm, for Gory Gourdripper’s fate.
A reward that’s yours, it’s not a whim, your Halloween date,
With these hints, the path grows dim, but the challenge is great.