Ghoulish Gourd Gathering

Pinched Spindlypin


You’ve unearthed the malevolent Pinched Spindlypin from the shadows. Its cursed presence adds to your collection.

As your reward, receive the chilling Death Poison. May it remind you of the sinister paths you’ve tread.

Now, your journey leads to the enigmatic Sinister Sharagon. Beware its haunting mysteries.


Next CLUE!

In the realm of eerie whispers, where shadows softly moan,
Sinister Sharagon, an enigma to be known.
To unveil its haunting essence, a task for you alone,
Beneath the moon’s cold gaze, in a place where the unknown is sown.

Let the fear be shared, among the daring souls,
Discover the hidden key, where whispered darkness strolls.
In the heart of Ghoulish Gourd Gathering, where the ethereal bell tolls,
Sinister Sharagon awaits, in the secrets it controls.

To claim this spectral prize, where secrets tightly dwell,
Venture into Mark’s dominion, where the eerie tales swell.
Embrace the power of shadows, where mystic riddles swell,
And unlock the enigma’s heart, where only the brave shall quell.

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To make the game even more enjoyable, please use the hints below only when needed.

Especially the last one may include some spoilers.

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to reach out to us at

In the world of secrets, where enigmas reside,
Sinister Sharagon, in shadows, does hide.
To uncover its essence, here’s a new guide,
Share our event page, where mysteries collide.

A dark, hidden power, you’re about to unmask,
Within our event’s realm, complete this task.
In the land of riddles, where challenges bask,
Sharing our page is the key to fulfill your ask.

In the shadows deep, where secrets hide,
Sinister Sharagon, a riddle to confide,
To seek this enigma, look near and far,
Unveil its essence, like a distant star.

Among your fellow ravens, share the tale,
In the coven’s darkness, unveil the veil,
Let them join your Halloween delight,
Together, reveal Sharagon’s eerie light.

As you’ve shared with others, don’t be forlorn,
In unity with ravens, secrets may be born,
Look closer now at what you’ve shared with others,
Perhaps hidden secrets, like hidden brothers.

Through the tunnels of mystic tales, where shadows intertwine,
Sinister Sharagon, a riddle quite divine.
To grasp its chilling essence, let a secret path align,
Share our event page, where the arcane signs entwine.

Among the raven flock, your tale must flow,
In the coven’s darkness, let the eerie secrets grow.
A unity of spirits, in the Halloween night’s glow,
Together, uncover Sharagon’s cryptic undertow.

As you share the eerie lore, don’t lose your sight,
On the shared page, look for the unusual blue light.
Beneath the azure pumpkin’s eerie might,
Sinister Sharagon whispers secrets out of sight.