Dear witches and warlocks,

We are thrilled to announce the conclusion of our dark and twisted Rotten Egg Hunt Event! We hope that the event has fulfilled your darkest desires and that you had a macabre time searching for the hidden eggs. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the 183 attendees who participated in the event and helped make it a success.

During the event, we rewarded our devoted followers with 1354 Cross Stitch Patterns, 67 Coloring Books, a $100 Voucher, and 3 exclusive Rotten Egg Hunt T-shirts. We are thrilled to have been able to appease your dark desires and reward so many of our followers.

Although the event has ended, we have decided to keep the eggs hidden for a while longer, so that anyone who missed the event or was unable to find all the eggs can still participate. However, please note that the prizes can no longer be claimed, except for the last 3 eggs – Noxious Nurturing, Carrion Clutch, and Corroded Cradle. These eggs have no expiration date, but they are well-hidden in the depths of our darkness.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the Ravens who participated in the event and helped us make it a success. Your loyalty to our Coven is greatly appreciated, and we are delighted to hear that you enjoyed the event.

We are already conjuring up plans for more similar events in the near future, so please stay tuned and continue to support your Coven. We will bring you even more twisted and dark experiences that will fulfill your darkest fantasies.

Thank you, once again, to all our Raven friends who helped make this event a huge fun for all!

Welcome to RavenCoven’s Rotten Egg Hunt, dear ravens!

Today, we summon you to join us on a hunt for 21 rotten eggs hidden deep within the shadows of our website. But beware, dear ravens, for these eggs are not ordinary eggs. They are the Rotten Eggs that couldn’t be found by the eastern events from last decades, cursed to roam our website in search of prey.

To help you on your quest, we have crafted clues that will lead you to the cursed eggs. But be warned, for the clues are not for the faint of heart. The undead creatures guarding the eggs will do everything in their power to prevent you from claiming your prize. You must tread carefully and think wisely to avoid falling into their traps.

If you’re brave enough to take on this challenge, you could be rewarded with shop vouchers, discounts, and free patterns from our bestsellers. And if that’s not enough to entice you, we also have a special raffle on our website, with prizes including a $100 voucher and 3 exclusive Rotten Egg Hunt event t-shirts.

Today, on this special Easter event, we have hidden a total of 21 rotten eggs throughout our website. You can search our pages one by one, but that would take a really long time since we have over 250 patterns in our collection. Instead, we suggest trying to solve the clues we will provide, and use the search tool on our site as a little helper.Β 

Fear not, for we shall haunt our website throughout this event. Should thee require aid, seek us out in the spectral chat or contact page. We are always watching

So, will you join us on this dark journey, dear souls? Will you help us defeat the undead and claim the rotten eggs?

The hunt begins now.


Amidst the hunt for eggs so rotten,
A zombie rabbit, gory and forgotten,
Seeks to find what others dread,
In a pattern that bears the hunt’s main thread.

Follow the zombie rabbit’s hunt for eggs,
To the place where this pattern begs
For a stitcher with a dark and twisted mind,
Who’ll bring Gory Gonads to light and find.

With words that read like a dark decree,
And a logo that bears the hunt’s dark key,
The design hides where it’s meant to be,
In the hunt for rotten eggs, the first key.

WIN $100 Voucher

Apart from next Rotten Egg Enter our Rotten Egg Hunt Raffle and stand a chance to win a $100 voucher to use on

andΒ 3 exclusive Rotten Egg Hunt event t-shirts.

The more entries you have, the better your chances of winning.

Don’t forget to follow the clues and hunt for the next rotten egg to uncover even more prizes.

Good luck!

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Rotten Egg Hunt
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