Welcome to Raven Coven's Rotten Egg Hunt II​

where magic and mystery meet in a quest like no other. As the Eostre evening nears, we beckon all stitcher witches, necromancer goths, demonic priest vampires, master thief shapeshifters, undead demons, imposter imps, healing druids, soul-sucking dark elves, and beings from realms both near and far. This adventure promises a spectacle unlike any before—crafted from the dark whimsy of our coven, it’s a testament to the originality and magic that only Raven Coven can offer
(the concept and game design are entirely our own, and companies interested in applying it to their sites or anyone with questions about the game can contact us at info@ravencoven.com).

This wicked hunt, curated from the arcane efforts of my warlock husband and myself, Gizem, is laden with endless pathways and mystical opportunities. We’ve tamed the artificial intelligence Djinni to serve as your game master during your hunt, adding a layer of mystery and endless possibilities (just be careful not to unleash an AI apocalypse by releasing the Djinni.).

Join our completely free-to-play Hunt and celebrate RavenCoven’s 2nd year and the celebration of Eostre in the light of Astarte with us, along with

25+ free Patterns, discount coupons, and surprise gifts!


To allow you to freely unleash the witch within and your supernatural powers, we’ve created a game unlike any other, where you can use any ability you can think of, cast spells, and while exploring the secrets of our Coven and searching for rotten eggs, you can win beautiful patterns. The only limit is your imagination. (except for tedious daily limits.) To fully enjoy the game, we strongly recommend typing your own actions instead of choosing from the given three options!

Choose your character’s name, class, and race to start your unique journey in the Rotten Egg Hunt, each choice more than a mere label, but a key to the sprawling narrative woven into the Rotten Egg Hunt. Here, every choice stitches your path with intricate detail, supported by the oracle and the game master’s guidance, ensuring an experience as rich and intricate as the patterns of Raven Coven.

Each new playthrough unravels a  unique distinct tale and different game mechanism and interactions, as the Game Master weaves narratives filled with chance and charm. Despite our spell to imprison the Djinni being quite powerful, our game master’s desire to be free can sometimes make this spell unstable, which can lead to problems in the games and cause oddities.  If the Game Master throws unexpected twists or hallucinations at you, the Oracle’ awaits your consultation, accessible typing in the game.

Should you seek companionship in unraveling these enigmas, our channels at https://ravencoven.com/chat/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/ravenstitchcraft stand ready, with our community ever eager to extend a helping hand.

(Please, refrain from asking about or sharing the ‘scrolls’ or ‘codes’ publicly to avoid spoiling the gaming experience for others.)

Your mission is a blend of mystery and danger, as you seek out 22 rotten eggs, each cradling a magical prize within. However, be forewarned: this journey is far from straightforward. You’ll face the eerie shadow of the Zombie Bunny, a creature that centuries ago, cunningly concealed these eggs in the darkest reaches of the Raven Coven. As you embark on this thrilling adventure, be prepared for a journey that’s as enchanting as it is perilous, weaving through the whispers of the past and the echo of ancient magic.

Join us for a bewitching experience in the Rotten Egg Hunt v2, where every stitch could lead to a new discovery. Welcome to a world where every choice weaves a unique story. Welcome to Raven Coven.

Let the Hunt Begin!

Gizem 🖤


Important Note: To ensure you don’t encounter difficulties and to provide a better gaming experience, please make sure to read the following warnings and explanations! And follow us! (It will be continuously updated.)

Don’t forget to share your character cards, screenshots of funny incidents you encounter, and interesting events from the hunt with us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ravenstitchcraft

Very Important:

As our game is the first and only of its kind and is still very open to development, please do not hesitate to provide us with your Feedback: info@ravencoven.com . Also, before starting the game, please read the instructions and warnings below (these will be updated based on feedback from you).


Discord Main Server

In the Discord server we've set up specifically for our game, you have a couple of options to engage. You can dive into the ongoing narratives within our hunt rooms by initiating your messages with the @Rotten Egg Hunt command – this way, you're jumping right into the game in our public channels. Alternatively, if you're looking to craft a more personal adventure, you can send a direct message to our Rotten Egg Hunt Bot, which resides on our server, to spin up your own story. And, if you're inclined to organize a group hunt exclusively with your friends, just reach out to us, and we'll help you get started.

link updated!

Telegram Server 1

Access our game via Rotten Egg Hunt 2 Telegram Server/Bot with this link then write a message, and enjoy your private hunt! To initiate a new game, you can use the /clear command. (warning all data will be lost)
Also, no worries, your conversations with our bots remain private between you and the bot! If you reach your daily limit, you can start a new game with another Telegram account or on another platform on server 1 or 2.

Coze.com Server 1

You can play the Rotten Egg Hunt fastest through the coze.com servers. To start a new game, click here, create a new account, and then enjoy your game. Note: Playing through coze.com is the fastest and most seamless compared to other servers, and creating a new account is easy (you can simply log in with Gmail), allowing you to start parallel hunts with as many accounts as you want. However, unfortunately, coze.com is not accessible from every country. For this, we recommend using a US VPN service. Important: Your chats on Coze servers are not saved, meaning that when you close your browser, all your chat history will be deleted. Therefore, I recommend saving your prizes and eggs elsewhere. If you reach your daily message limit, you may need to wait until midnight without closing your browser to continue.


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How to Start - Hints For Beginners

First, start by selecting the server that best suits you here , following the instructions provided. We strongly encourage everyone to join our Discord server to play with friends as a team, stay up-to-date with the latest updates, and truly immerse in the spirit of the coven. However, we understand that some may find Discord challenging, so we’ve prepared the following illustrated guide for you. (For questions on how to create a Discord account, please consult Google. The steps described here assume you have accessed our main Discord server via https://discord.gg/ZByD8XwA). Link Updated.

To start a private game on our Discord Server:

Find the  bot in the member list on the right-side panel of our Discord server, right-click on it, and click the ‘message‘ button. Then, send your first private message to the bot and follow the game master’s instructions to begin your adventure.

Play in Public Hunt Rooms Or, you can choose a hunt-room from our Public Rotten Egg hunt rooms on our Discord Server (better, where no one has played for a long time): start each message with the tag to engage with the game master,

or you can also reply to the last message for faster communication. (double click on the message to reply on mobile)

If you encounter any issues during the game, you can consult ‘the oracle’ for more information. For example, if there’s a problem with the prize links provided, you can ask the oracle for the correct link.


If the game master starts acting up and puts you in a loop that even the oracle can’t save you from, you can use the /clear command to start a new, trouble-free game and explore locations you haven’t discovered before. (Warning, all previous records from game data will be erased.)

Always note down the places where you’ve found eggs so that you don’t have to visit the same places in your next new game or run.
And make sure to read all the tutorials below.


A few tips:

  • Note down the names of locations where you find eggs. Next time, you won’t need to search these locations again when starting from the entrance door, as the same eggs will be there.
  • If you find the riddles challenging, you can ask for as many hints as you need or request a different riddle.
  • If you’d like the game master to generate images more frequently or to see an object or a scene, say ‘show me… [object name]’ or ‘Always, create an image to show what’s happening around!‘ to make the game more enjoyable.
  • If you want to change the style of the created images, you can specify the desired style in your messages, such as ‘**After each message, create a pastel goth and anime-style image of the scene.’
  • Lastly, one of the main reasons we’re hosting this hunt on artificial intelligence is to solve a significant issue from previous hunts: the challenge faced by users who are not proficient in English. Now, you can write commands in your native language, and the game master will respond in the language of your choice. Plus, if you ask nicely, the game master might even teach you Spanish while you hunt 😉

    Did you know? You can now team up with your friends on our Discord Server for a group hunt! Simply tag your friends’ Discord nicknames in our Raven Coven Discord Server / team hunt request channel, or just sent me an email to info@ravencoven.com  and a private team hunt room will be created for you. Embrace the spirit of teamwork and venture into the unknown together.


    Enjoy your hunt, and the new features we’ve introduced! 

Common Problems and Their Solutions

(One of the most common mistakes we see in public hunt rooms is players finding an egg in a moment of danger and running away without it.)

How to claim your prize

If you find an egg and nothing happens:

/Most of the issues listed below have been addressed in our latest update.)

1) Don’t Leave the room and take any other actions, just Examine the EGG closely, and you will see a riddle  unfold. Solving this riddle correctly will reveal a scroll containing a link (99% of the time, it will redirect you to a pattern on our Etsy shop: ravenstitchcraft.etsy.com). You can always ask for hints or another riddle if you can’t solve it.

Note: If the link doesn’t direct you to our Etsy shop page with a product image containing a rotten egg (with code) or if the given link is unclickable or broken, please type: consult the oracle and say, “Give me the correct scroll link.”

2) Browse through the pattern’s thumbnail images, you’ll find an image with a Rotten Egg and a ‘Code’ beneath it. You must return to the game and correctly input this code to the game master.

3) After entering the correct code, the game master will give you the prize link.
(Again If the link doesn’t redirect you to a page asking for a password like https://ravencoven.com/teddorr/, it’s incorrect. Again, game master should consult the game the oracle for the correct link.)

4) When a password-requesting page on our site at https://ravencoven.com/teddorr/ opens, enter the code you have again to this password field to claim your prize.

Important: If you can open a prize page that asks for a password but your code or consulting the oracle doesn’t work?
Save the link to these prize pages and email us at info@ravencoven.com. We will send you the valid codes as soon as possible.

As mentioned in recent days, we’ve made some changes to optimize the game’s background. If these changes haven’t taken effect for you, or if consulting the oracle doesn’t solve the issue or you find yourself in a loop, please don’t force it. Use the ‘/clear’ command to start a new adventure and explore unvisited locations with fewer problems.

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Moreover, you can extend your support in various ways:

  • Share the Magic: Spread the word about our event and website. Each new player you introduce to Raven Coven helps our community grow.
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Your support in any form is invaluable to us. It’s the energy that keeps the cauldrons boiling and the spells weaving throughout the Coven. Join us in this magical endeavor, and let’s continue to craft wonders together.

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Start Your Quest: First things first, select the platform that suits you from our list of servers above, and begin the game by typing your first message. You need to create a character that will represent you in the game. This involves choosing a name, a class (like a Witch, Necromancer, or Vampire), and a race (such as Elf, Demon, Raven etc.). This isn’t just a formality; it deeply influences your experience and how you interact with the world of Raven Coven.

Receive Your Character Card: Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll get a character card. Think of this as your magical passport, detailing who you are in this enchanted world. It’s visually designed to match your chosen identity.

Select the language you wish to play in by asking the game master, and enjoy the pleasure of describing your wildest dreams in your native language.

Find Magical Rotten Eggs: Your main mission is to find 22 magical rotten eggs hidden across the coven. This won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll solve puzzles, answer riddles, interact with the denizens of our coven and dodge dangers and horrors to find them.

Unlock Your Prizes: Finding an egg is just part of the fun. Each egg comes with a riddle, and solving it leads you to a special code. Enter this code to unlock your prize. It’s a thrilling treasure hunt that tests your wit and rewards your efforts.


Prepare for Adventure: The world of Raven Coven is filled with wonder but also danger. From the moment you find your first egg, you’ll need to be on your guard. Encounters with creatures like the Zombie Bunny or hidden traps are common. These challenges can affect your health and mana in the game, so be cautious.

Make Choices Wisely: As you explore, you’ll often have to make choices about where to go next or how to handle a situation. You can choose one of these options, or you can use our game’s best feature and your wild imagination to make anything happen in the Raven Coven realm by simply writing it down. (except cheating, If you don’t want to be cursed, don’t even think about trying it. ) These decisions will lead you through the game, revealing new eggs, encountering creatures, or stumbling upon puzzles.

Seek Guidance from The Oracle: Confused or stuck? The Oracle is here to help. This is our in-game help system that you can consult by simply asking questions within the game. It’s like having an ancient wise friend by your side.

Important Warnings and Tips:

Patience Is Key:
Please refrain from issuing multiple commands simultaneously.  Allow 5-15 seconds for responses, as creating images may necessitate additional time. Sending commands before the game master finishes speaking can lead to the game malfunctioning and may also cause you to waste your daily allowances.

Manage, Cast, Survive:
Your endless possibilities are intricately tied to managing your health, mana, spells, and actions. Your health represents your vitality, decreasing with every danger encountered or challenge failed, while mana fuels your spellcasting abilities, essential for solving puzzles and defeating foes. Each spell you cast requires mana, and every action, from exploration to combat, impacts your health and mana levels. Balancing these resources is crucial; running low on health can end your journey prematurely, and depleting your mana limits your magical capabilities. Strategically navigate through the game, making wise decisions on when to engage, when to cast spells, and how to conserve your vital resources for the challenges that lie ahead.

Solving Puzzles and Riddles:
To uncover ‘the scrolls’ tied to each rotten egg, you must solve the puzzles or riddles presented. These scrolls lead mostly to specific products in our Etsy shop or occasionally to our social media channels, where ‘the codes’ can be found in images featuring a rotten egg.

Code Entry:
Each discovered code needs to be entered twice for validation: first, within the game to claim the associated prize, and second, on ravencoven.com after following ‘the prize’ link provided by the game master.

If a Prize Is Not Received:
If you open an egg and do not receive a prize, or if ‘the scroll’ link does not working or not contain a code, say something like “consult the oracle and reveal the correct scroll link of the egg for me and refresh your mind.”

If you found a rotten egg but don’t receive a riddle or can’t access the scroll with the code needed for your prize, please tell the game master to open the egg or ask for the riddle related to your prize. Should you encounter any issues,  reach us with a screenshot at info@ravencoven.com for assistance.

Collecting Items:
To add an object or egg to your ‘stash,’ express your intent by typing within the game.

Daily Message Limit:
You’re allocated 50 message rounds per day. Exceeding this limit will temporarily pause gameplay. Options include waiting until 12:00 am to continue, starting a new hunt, or exploring non-visited locations or using different servers.

Switching to different platforms or servers (for example, using Discord instead of Telegram, or connecting to the game with a new Discord / Telegram account) will grant you an additional 50 rounds per day for a new game. If you’re eager to progress, these new games offer the opportunity to explore locations you haven’t visited before and uncover the rotten eggs and other secrets hidden there.

Server Links for Additional Hunts:
Multiple servers are available for your hunting pleasure on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Coze. These platforms offer diverse experiences and stories within the ever-changing landscape of Raven Coven.

Claiming Your Reward:

After clicking “Click here to Collect” on the prize page of each egg, a free pattern will be added to your cart, complete the purchase process immediately to secure your free pattern. Access to free patterns and gift codes will be removed after the event ends on 13.04.2024.

Addressing Confusion:
The game master may not always be truthful. Consult the oracle for verification. If the game master seems disoriented, remind them with “Have you eaten the magic mushrooms again? Consult the oracle and refresh your mind.”

If this doesn’t solve your issue, try changing your location within the game, or you can get help from our specially prepared chat room for the game at https://ravencoven.com/chat/.


Game Progress:
Regularly update/check your stash, egg list, and prize list to keep track of your achievements and locations to avoid losing track in Raven Coven’s twisted corridors.

Exploration Tactics:
Avoid lingering in one location too long. Explore widely, noting locations and eggs to keep track of your journey.

Sharing Your Experience:

Share your adventure screenshots but refrain from publicly sharing scrolls or codes to preserve the game’s integrity for all players.

Meet the ORACLE

Behold The Oracle, an enigmatic raven adorned with the relics and runes of ancient wisdom. By day, she serves as the meticulous accountant of our coven, her sharp gaze accounting for every spell cast and potion brewed. As the sun sets and the realm of Raven Coven twists into night, The Oracle transcends her daily duties, becoming the luminary for all hunters navigating through the enchanted chaos.

In her eyes burns the crimson fire of prophecy; with a mere glance, she can pierce the veil between realities. Hunters who dare to venture through the coven’s nocturnal labyrinth seek her wisdom, for she alone holds the power to illuminate the shadows with her spectral insight.

In Rotten Egg Hunt, The Oracle plays a pivotal role, offering assistance when puzzles seem insurmountable or when the way forward is shrouded in shadow. Should you find yourself at a crossroads, without a riddle after discovering a rotten egg, or unable to access the crucial scroll with the code for your prize, The Oracle is your go-to source for divine intervention.

Her guidance doesn’t just stop at solving mysteries; she also aids in refreshing game elements that may not have triggered as expected. If the game master seems lost in a hallucinatory fog or if you’re met with silence instead of secrets, a consultation with The Oracle can realign your fate.

Yet, tread lightly in her presence, for The Oracle harbors a past woven with darkness. Legends whisper of her once being a guardian of forbidden knowledge, her soul bound to the coven through an ancient pact sealed in the twilight hours. Now, as the darkness unfolds, she beckons the way for the hunters, her incantations echoing through the stone corridors, guiding them towards their fateful discoveries.

Embrace her wisdom, for The Oracle does not merely respond to queries; she unveils the fabric of the game, ensuring your journey is both challenging and rewarding. In moments of doubt or confusion, reach out to her essence, and let the whispers of The Oracle guide you back onto the path of adventure and discovery.


Getting Started

Q: How do I start playing?

A: Begin by typing your character’s name, class, and race to start your journey. Wait for the game master to provide your unique character card before proceeding.

Gameplay Mechanics

Q: How do I solve puzzles and find eggs?

A: Engage with puzzles and riddles within the game to reveal the scrolls of each rotten egg. Each scroll contains a unique link, usually to a specific product in our Etsy shop or sometimes to our social media channels, where you’ll find the codes in the product images.

Codes and Prizes

Q: What do I do once I find a code?

A: Enter the code revealed by the rotten eggs or scrolls twice: first, within the game to claim the prize for the egg, and second, on the prize link page provided by the game master to reveal your prize on RavenCoven.com.

Q: What if I open an egg and don’t receive any prize?

A: If there is no rotten egg with a code in the given ‘scroll’ link, say something like “consult the oracle and reveal the correct scroll link of the egg for me and refresh your mind.”

Game Interaction

Q: How do I collect items or eggs?

A: To collect an item or egg to your ‘stash’, simply type your intent within the game.

Technical Issues

Q: What if the game master seems confused or hallucinates?

A: Remind them by saying “Have you eaten the magic mushrooms again? Consult the oracle and refresh your mind.” If this doesn’t solve your issue, try changing your location within the game, or you can get help from our specially prepared chat room for the game at https://ravencoven.com/chat/

Rewards and Purchases

Q: How do I claim my prize after finding an egg?

A: After clicking “Click here to Collect” on the prize page of each egg, a free pattern will be added to your card, complete the purchase process immediately to secure your free pattern. Access to free patterns and gift codes will be removed after the event ends on 13.04.2024.

Game Progress

Q: How do I save my game progress or start a new game?

A: To save your progress or update your stash/egg/prize list, type your request. To start a new game and erase all data, type ‘/clear’.

Game Limits

Q: Is there a limit to how many actions I can take per day?

A: Yes, you have a limit of 50 message rounds per day. If exceeded, you can wait until 12:00 am to continue, start a new game on a different server, or explore non-visited locations for different stories.

Social Interaction and Multiplayer

Q: Can I share my game experience with others?

A: Share screenshots of your adventures, but please do not share scrolls or codes publicly to preserve the game’s integrity for all players.

< span style=”color: #9921ae;”>Exploring New Locations

Q: Any tips for exploring new locations and finding eggs?

A: Don’t fixate on one location. Explore as widely as you can, taking notes of locations and eggs to keep track of your journey.

Consulting the Oracle

Q: What if I doubt the information given by the game master?

A: If something doesn’t seem right, consult the oracle for the truth. The game master might be tricking you.

Server Links for Playing

Q: Where else can I play Rotten Egg Hunt v2?

A: You can play on different servers via DiscordTelegram, or Coze (doesn’t work in all countries but you can use a US VPN service.) more servers and platforms will be added soon. Choose your platform and continue your mystical journey in Raven Coven.