Congratulations, brave hunter, for unearthing Festering Fowlspawn! Your daring spirit and unwavering persistence have led you to this rotten egg. As a reward, we offer you a $3.33 voucher to be used on your next purchase. 


But beware, the darkness looms and the hunt is not yet over. Heed the clue left behind and venture forth into the shadows of our Instagram page. There, among the cryptic posts and eerie tales, lies the next foul prize, waiting to be claimed by those brave enough to continue the hunt. May the spirits guide you on your journey, for the road ahead is fraught with peril.


Festering Fowlspawn

$3.33 OFF
on your next Purchase without any minimum. use the code
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Scroll through our ‘grams, with a keen eye,
And soon you’ll find where the Rotten Eggs lie.
Follow the trail to @ravenstitchcraft,
Where the Rotten Egg Hunt pattern you shall match.
Amidst the comments, you must search with care,
For the next egg, hidden and waiting to scare.
A zombie rabbit lurks in the frame,
But things are not as they seem, for it’s not just a game.
The Rabbit hole will lead you to its ground,
Where the next clue for the Rotten Egg Hunt is found.

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Don’t forget to follow the clues and hunt for the next rotten egg to uncover even more prizes.

Good luck!

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