Congratulations on finding the Filthy Fledgling egg! We hope you enjoyed the challenge.

As a reward, we are happy to offer you our bat skeleton cross stitch pattern.

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Filthy Fledgling


In the realm of darkness and the unknown,
Lies a cross-stitch pattern, secrets to be shown,
Of an egg so foul and disgustingly vile,
That few have been able to conquer its trial.

The Disgusting Dispersal, hidden away,
In a box of darkness where shadows hold sway,
But fear not, dear seeker, for a clue I’ll provide,
To aid you in your quest, and your fears subside.
Stitch by stitch, and thread by thread,
You’ll unravel the pattern, as you tread,
Through the Death’s door, so dark and forbidding,
But press on, brave seeker, for the egg is worth getting.

In the end, if you’re lucky and have a sharp eye,
You’ll find the Disgusting Dispersal, and let out a cry,
Of triumph and joy, for you’ve solved the riddle,
And earned a reward, so rare and little.

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