Ghoulish Gourd Gathering

Welcome to RavenCoven’s
Ghoulish Gourd Gathering!

Join us in the midst of this haunting season, dear ravens, for an event that promises both thrills and chills.

As the veil between our world and the supernatural grows thin, we invite you to embark on a quest like no other – the search for 21 sinister pumpkins hidden within the shadows of our website.

These are not your ordinary pumpkins; they are the embodiment of Halloween’s darkest secrets, each holding the key to unlock a world of free patterns and spine-tingling deals.

We’ve meticulously crafted riddles that will guide you to these ghoulish gourds, but beware, for lurking within the virtual depths are fiendish guardians determined to test your mettle.

Only the most courageous and cunning among you will outwit these spectral sentinels and lay claim to the treasures concealed within.

What Awaits the Fearless?

Should you dare to partake in this eerie expedition, you’ll have the chance to win 40 hauntingly delightful free patterns and access spine-tingling deals throughout this Halloween event.

But that’s not all; we have otherworldly surprises in store for the intrepid souls who complete this chilling challenge.

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Join the Ghoulish Gourd Gathering

Begin your journey now and let the hunt commence. Seek the 21 spectral pumpkins scattered throughout our website. You may search our pages one by one, but with over 250 patterns in our collection, it’s a daunting task.

Instead, we urge you to decipher the clues we’ve provided and employ our search tool as your trusty guide. Should you find yourself in need of assistance, do not hesitate to seek us out in the spectral chat or through our contact page. We are ever vigilant and ready to aid you.

So, will you heed the call of the darkness, dear souls? Will you confront the supernatural and emerge victorious in the Ghoulish Gourd Gathering? The shadows await your arrival, and the hunt begins now.

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And remember, your journey begins with the first clue. Find the inaugural hint for the first pumpkin, Ichabod Infernogourd, below!

May the moonlight enchant your path and the spirits of the night guide your way, fellow ravens, as you embark on this eerie expedition. Happy hunting!


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As twilight clasps the realm of dreams,
A figure rides, elusive it seems,
A hollow form, a chilling void,
Whispers of a legend, unalloyed.

In shadows deep, a phantom’s dance,
No reins to guide, no second chance,
A jack-o-lantern raised, its flame ablaze,
Seeking truth through spectral haze.

A rider lost, a story untold,
Mysteries wrapped in night’s stronghold.

Important Reminders:

As we embark on this spine-tingling journey through the Ghoulish Gourd Gathering, we kindly request that you refrain from sharing spoilers, tips, links, or clues on social media publicly. We understand the excitement and the desire to help fellow participants, but let’s keep the mystery alive for everyone. If you wish to assist someone on their quest, please do so privately to ensure that no one’s experience is spoiled.

Let’s preserve the thrill of the hunt and let the shadows reveal their secrets to each participant in their own time.

If you find yourself facing challenges in your quest to find a gourd, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through our contact page, or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with extra clues to aid you on your journey.

After you click the ‘Click here to claim your reward’ link on each found pumpkin’s page, your free patterns will be added to your cart automatically.

Sometimes, they may disappear due to cache settings. It’s better to proceed to checkout and obtain your free patterns rather than waiting in your cart.


The free patterns will be deleted when the event ends, and you won’t be able to access them from your profile anymore. It’s advisable to download them to your device and secure them before the event ends.

This event, along with its deals and coupons, will expire on 15.11.2023.

Dearest Huntress Witches of Raven Coven,

As the final chapter of our Ghoulish Gourd Gathering unfolds, we’ve heard your whispers in the moonlit night. Initially, our last 3 pumpkins – shrouded in mystery – were meant to remain clueless. However, your enthusiasm and dedication have swayed the spirits.

Below, for the first and last time, we are revealing one unique clue for each of these elusive pumpkins. But heed this request: please refrain from asking for additional clues. The mystique of these pumpkins lies in their challenge, and thus, we entrust you with the task of keeping their locations a secret.

Remember, the rewards for these pumpkins will only linger until December 31, 2023. Should we discover that their hiding spots have been shared, we may find ourselves compelled to remove these rewards prematurely. Let the spirit of the hunt guide you, and may your witch’s intuition lead you to victory.

Happy Hunting, my dear witches!

🌙 May the shadows be in your favor! 🌙

In the search for Hexen Hellequin’s pumpkin rare,
Calling its name won’t suffice, beware, beware!
Strike a deal with the devil, secrets of hexes you must learn,
A seasoned witch in dark arts, a title you must earn.

If you’ve completed this hunt, in dark arts you’re already well-versed,
To find this pumpkin, you’ve mastered the task, you know what’s rehearsed!
In the craft of the arcane, where spells are often dispersed
We find liberation’s truest gift by the turning of the devil tarot card reversed.

Your path has been twisted, through spells and hexes cursed,
In the labyrinth of magic, where the unknown is traversed.
Now at the journey’s end, where dark and light intersperse,
You’ve already earned your stripes in this mystical universe.

In ancient times, beneath the starlit sky so vast,
Ancestors, witches, in their wisdom, cast
Their gazes deep into the abyss, so dark, so deep,
Creating astrology, secrets for them to keep.

In sisterhood, these sorceresses, wise and bold,
Crafted zodiacs in the abyss, stories untold.
But in their quest for the Abyssal Asmodagger’s light,
They stumbled upon words, hidden from sight:

“Battle not with your demons, lest ye become a demon,
And if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

Now, the riddle for the seeker, cunning and true,
To find the Asmodagger, what must you do?
With witches, demons and abyss intertwined,
Where should you look? What must you find?

Unravel the secrets that these phrases bind,
For in their wisdom, your answer is signed.

Through multiverses and whispers, ravens glide,
They carry goods, that span worldwide.
To find Malediction Mausogore, set your course,
Follow the raven, the interdimensional source.

Yet be warned, this journey, arduous, may bear a gory fee,
You can’t go through the looking glass without cutting yourself, the key.
What’s frail in this world might ancient be in another,
A twist of fate, in realms you’ll discover.

Now ponder the riddle, hidden in plain sight,
To trail the raven, what must you ignite?
Through the glass, where dangers amass,
Maybe the key you need already in your stash.

Seek what shifts from frail to power-laden,
In this journey of shadows, answers are hidden.
Follow the raven, through twists vast and diverse,
In the dance of dimensions, your fate converse.

In the depths of Raven Coven, where frustration reigns supreme,
Malediction Mausogore, elusive as a dream.
Driven hunters, crazed and obsessed, trailed its ominous trace,
Yet only a few, with maps in hand, found its secret place.

But heed this warning, as we foretold at the start,
This pursuit isn’t for the faint of heart.

In truth, Malediction was never far from thee,
Within the depths of thy very chest, a gory gift to be.
You sought so far, you searched so wide, you tread a path so dark,
Perhaps, along this journey, you’ve lost your sanity’s spark.

Yet, all you needed was to gaze within your stash,
Among your vault’s possessions, in the heart of the Ripper’s slash
When you find it, dear Raven will guide your way,
Stepping through the portal, where the looking glass holds sway.

There, you shall encounter the mighty pumpkin’s lore,
In a realm where its worth is questioned, evermore.

You’ve journeyed far, you’ve journeyed wide, your path a twisted curse,
Perhaps, in this endeavor, you’ve become something worse.
But fear not, for your quest is near its close,
Within your vault’s dark depths, where the gory key impose.

List of All 21 Pumpkins

Ichabod Infernogourd
Lurid Lapinthrax
Vlad Vespertide
Cauldron Gourdon
Dirge Demigourd
Corvus Cryptfall
Toadstool Throgscream
Cursed Correspondence
Willow Wraithkin
Pinched Spindlypin
Sinister Sharagon
Blighted Brewbane
Baba’s Banebane
Kraven Kraxen
Draculon Dreadfang
Behemot Blasphemy
Judas Juggernaut
Gory Gourdripper
Hexen Hellequin
Abyssal Asmodagger
Malediction Mausogore