Congratulations, brave soul, you have discovered the first of our rotten eggs, the dreaded Gory Gonads!

But do not be complacent, for there are still 20 more to find in this dark and twisted hunt. Use your wits and follow the clues to uncover the remaining eggs and claim your rewards.

The Rotten Egg Hunt cross stitch pattern is yours to keep, a reminder of your triumph over the forces of darkness. Onward, adventurer, for the hunt has only just begun!


Gory Gonads


Deep down below the site you tread,

Past the patterns, down instead,

Where the darkness starts to spread,

And the zombies lies ahead. But don’t give up, for there you’ll see,

A sight that’s putrid, foul and free,

An egg that’s waiting patiently, Its name a vile Ovipositor, truly ghastly.

WIN $100 Voucher

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The more entries you have, the better your chances of winning.

Don’t forget to follow the clues and hunt for the next rotten egg to uncover even more prizes.

Good luck!

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