Congratulations, dear hunter! You’ve found the Necrotic Nest, where the stench of death and decay fills the air.

But fear not, for your bravery has been rewarded with a prize fit for a witch’s brew 

The Dancing Witches cross stitch pattern, to adorn your own abode with the flicker of a thousand cauldron fires.

May the caw of the raven and the howl of the wind guide you on your next hunt for the Rotten Eggs.


Get your free cross stitch pattern now! Click on the image and watch it magically appear in your cart on the next window. Don’t forget to login to your account to ensure that your free patterns and rotten eggs are properly tracked. Also don’t forget to read the clue below to find next rotten egg. Happy hunting!

Necrotic Nest


Seek out the Abominable Albumen if you dare,

But you won’t find it just anywhere. is where you must go,

And search with care, for there lies the next glow.

Find the way to send us a message,

And you’ll find the egg, your prize to presage.

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Don’t forget to follow the clues and hunt for the next rotten egg to uncover even more prizes.

Good luck!

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