Congrats on finding the elusive Oozing Ova! Your search for the slimy prize has paid off, and now you can stitch up a storm with your new Skull Moth pattern. It’s a match made in creepy-crawly heaven! 

May your needle never get tangled and your thread never run dry as you embark on your next spine-chilling project.


Get your free cross stitch pattern now! Click on the image and watch it magically appear in your cart on the next window. Don’t forget to login to your account to ensure that your free patterns and rotten eggs are properly tracked. Also don’t forget to read the clue below to find next rotten egg. Happy hunting!

Oozing Ova


Listen closely, dear hunters, for the next egg you seek,

Lies on our Facebook page, Gruesome Goo it does speak.

Follow us if you dare, for only then shall you see,

The hidden post waiting with glee.

Those who are not our followers shall be lost in the night,

But our loyal ravens shall find the egg with delight.

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The more entries you have, the better your chances of winning.

Don’t forget to follow the clues and hunt for the next rotten egg to uncover even more prizes.

Good luck!

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Oozing Ova
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