Congratulations, dear hunter, you have found the Pestilent Poultry, And with it comes a prize that will fill your heart so fully. Our first digital coloring book, Faces of Horror Vol: 1-2, Will be yours to explore and bring your nightmares to life anew.

Let your imagination run wild with each page you turn, As the faces of horror within the book begin to churn. Color each line with care and let your creativity flow, For in this dark and twisted world, anything can grow.


Pestilent Poultry

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In a dark corner of Raven’s domain,
Where creatures of the night do reign,
A winged creature once took flight,
Now its remains elude your sight.

Amongst the shadows it does hide,
A Filthy Fledgling, lurking inside,
With a keen eye and a steady bone,
You will find this egg hidden alone.

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