Pet Cemetery Zombie Animals Cross Stitch Pattern Bundle -15 Designs Set

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Embark on a macabre adventure with our Pet Cemetery Zombie Animals Cross Stitch Bundle, where 15 delightfully dreadful x-stitch patterns await to stitch your nights away!

In the eerie silence of the witching hour, the Pet Cemetery comes alive, stitch by sinister stitch. This bewitching bundle heralds the grand finale of our series, weaving together a tapestry of tales that have risen from the depths of our coven’s graveyard. With the arcane assistance of a mighty Necromancer Snail, these once-sleeping souls have been meticulously crafted and are yearning to be conjured into existence by your crafty hands. Each pattern, a minisaga in itself, promises to cast a spell over your spooky stitching sessions.

From the abyssal depths of the ocean to the shadowy corners of the barnyard, our ghastly gallery includes:

Zombie Cthulhu, tentacles tangled in eldritch stitches.
A Zombie Cow, hoof in hoof with horror.
An Opossum playing dead no more, in a zombie form.
A feline undead, the Zombie Cat, pawing its way through the pattern.
The foreboding flap of the Zombie Raven, encircled in stitches.
The Zombie Kraken, with its inky tentacles of terror.
A raccoon returned from the refuse, the Zombie Raccoon.
An amphibious aberration, the Zombie Frog, leaping from lily pad to pattern.
The adorable abomination, Zombie Otter, splashing into the spooky stitchery.
A draconian specter, the Zombie Dragon, crawling for a juicy stitched brain.
A Zombie Deer, antlers adorned with the aura of the arcane.
The hop of horror, the Zombie Bunny, bounding into the bundle.
A Pastel Goth Zombie Unicorn, prancing with a pastel palette of peril.
The conjurer of this cursed collection, the Necromancer Snail.
And the enigmatic Vampire Cat, fangs ready to bite into the burlap.
Whether you fancy the woodcut cross stitch artistry, yearn for the zombie cross stitch charm, delight in animal cross stitch, or want a dash of cute cross stitch with a side of pastel goth cross stitch and kawaii cross stitch vibes, this assemblage is an epic epitome of gothic cross stitch mastery.

Each pattern, small but intricate, comes with its own legend. Some designs boast both color and black and white variations, perfect for the modern cross stitch enthusiast who doubles as a witchy stitcher. These patterns are not just designs; they’re stories, waiting for you to bring them to life with each xstitch.

Will you join our legion of stitchers and bring forth the occult cross stitch creations from their fabric graves? Will your creepy cross stitch needle be the one to animate these horror cross stitch patterns? Only time and thread will tell.

For the size and further details of each beastly beauty, their own page awaits through the links provided. Dare to delve into this dark cross stitch anthology and let your Wiccan cross stitch journey begin!

1.Zombie Cthulhu Cross Stitch Pattern

2.Zombie Cow Cross Stitch Pattern

3.Zombie Opossum Cross Stitch Pattern

4.Zombie Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

5.Zombie Raven Cross Stitch Pattern

6.Zombie Kraken Cross Stitch Pattern

7.Zombie Raccoon Cross Stitch Pattern

8.Zombie Frog Cross Stitch Pattern

9.Zombie Otter Cross Stitch Pattern

10.Zombie Dragon Cross Stitch Pattern

11.Zombie Deer Cross Stitch Pattern

12.Zombie Bunny Cross Stitch Pattern

13.Pastel Goth Zombie Unicorn Cross Stitch Pattern

14.Necromancer Snail Cross Stitch Pattern

15.Vampire Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

You will get a PDF counted cross stitch pattern available for instant download. No physical item will be sent.
The pattern includes:
– a finished image
– an image of the whole chart (color and b&w)
– colorful detailed symbol pattern in PDF format
– instruction and key section
– list of DMC thread colors

This pattern is full cross stitches only.
Floss: DMC color
Fabric: Aida 14-count Antic White (other Aida Fabric Counts may be used, the finished pattern will be different in size)

We wish you a lot of inspiration and happy stitching!

I would love to see your finished work! Share your pictures on Instagram and mention @RavenStitchCraft, you will also get a free pattern on your next purchase as a thank you.

Please do not use PDF or printed versions of our patterns for reselling or web representation.
If there is an issue with the pattern, please contact us so we can work it out together.

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Pet Cemetery Zombie Animals Cross Stitch Pattern Bundle -15 Designs Set
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