Congratulations, dear Hunter! You have discovered the elusive Rancid Reproduction rotten egg, hidden deep within the shadowy recesses of our website.

Your tenacity and cunning have earned you a prize beyond compare: the Baphomet Stained Glass Cross Stitch Pattern.

May it inspire you to create something truly diabolical. Keep your eyes peeled for the remaining rotten eggs, for the hunt has only just begun.


Rancid Reproduction


Listen closely, hunter, to what I have to say,

The next egg is hidden in a spooky display.

Look for a phantom figure, with a message quite obscure,

It holds the key to the egg, of that I am sure.

The apparition offers a strange salutation,

A phrase is quite fitting for the occasion.

It beckons you with its spectral hand,

To a pattern that only the bravest can withstand.

CLUE No: 2 !

In the pattern of paranormal sightings,
A phantom figure offers unique meetings,
With a message that’s cryptic, yet quite sure,
It holds the key to the egg that you search for.

But don’t be fooled by its spectral hand,
Or the eerie greeting that it commands,
For hidden below, if you’re brave enough to scroll,
Is the Ghastly Germ, an egg with a haunting control.

Its name may repulse, but do not fear,
For its discovery is worthy of a cheer.
So delve deeper into the ghostly display,
And find the egg that lurks in the shadows at play.

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Good luck!

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