Creation of Lilith Cross Stitch Pattern

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Dive into the empowering narrative of the Creation of Lilith Cross Stitch Pattern, where a single thread (DMC 310) becomes a symbol of untamed power and feminine defiance. This modern cross stitch pattern isn’t just a nod to the gothic allure of the night; it’s a homage to the indomitable spirit of women, witches, and Wiccans alike. The stark skeleton cross stitch extends towards Lilith’s commanding hand鈥攅ach nail and lace cuff a statement of strength and elegance in this woodcut cross stitch design.

Envisioned for the modern mystic, this dark cross stitch pattern transcends the everyday into a realm of occult cross stitch magic. It’s a spooky cross stitch that embodies the essence of women power鈥攁 piece that’s as captivating as it is creepy cross stitch. In the horror cross stitch community, it stands out as a beacon of gothic cross stitch, inviting each witchy stitcher to partake in the creation of something that’s more than just art鈥攊t’s a movement.

The Creation of the Lilith comes in five variations, including a text-free design for those who prefer the unspoken narrative. For others, the captions “The Creation of Lilith,” “The Creation of Witches,” “Memento Mori,” and “Amor Fati” offer a choice of themes to ponder while stitching. If these themes don’t resonate, custom text can be crafted to align with your vision, making your gothic cross stitch chart uniquely yours. (Reaching out to me is sufficient; as with every pattern, I will make the necessary changes and customizations to this pattern free of charge 😉
As you bring this gothic cross stitch pattern to life, you’re not just participating in the modern cross stitch trend鈥攜ou’re weaving a piece of the grand tapestry of feminist lore.

This witchy cross stitch chart is for those who dare to stitch with purpose, who hold the needle like a scepter and the hoop like a shield. It’s not just a Halloween cross stitch; it’s a year-round testament to the resilience and beauty of those who walk the path less traveled. Embrace the “Creation of Lilith Cross Stitch Pattern” and let each xstitch be a declaration of your own power and creativity.

You will get a PDF counted cross stitch pattern available for instant download. No physical item will be sent.
The pattern includes:
– a finished image
– an image of the whole chart (color and b&w)
– colorful detailed symbol pattern in PDF format
– instruction and key section
– list of DMC thread colors

This pattern is full cross stitches only.
Floss: DMC 1 color
Fabric: Aida 14-count
Design size: 133×81 Stitches

10 ct 133×81 Stitches (33,8 x 20,6 cm) (13,3 x 8,1 in.)
14 ct 133×81 Stitches (24,1 x 14,7 cm) (9,5 x 5,8 in.)
16 ct 133×81 Stitches (21,1 x 12,9 cm) (8,3 x 5,1 in.)
18 ct 133×81 Stitches (18,8 x 11,4 cm) (7,4 x 4,5 in.)
20 ct 133×81 Stitches (16,9 x 10,3 cm) (6,7 x 4,1 in.)
22 ct 133×81 Stitches (15,4 x 9,4 cm) (6,0 x 3,7 in.)
25 ct 133×81 Stitches (13,5 x 8,2 cm) (5,3 x 3,2 in.)
32 ct 133×81 Stitches (10,6 x 6,4 cm) (4,2 x 2,5 in.)
36 ct 133×81 Stitches (9,4 x 5,7 cm) (3,7 x 2,3 in.)

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We wish you a lot of inspiration and happy stitching!

I would love to see your finished work! Share your pictures on Instagram and mention @RavenStitchCraft , you will also get a free cross stitch pattern.

Please do not use PDF or printed version of our patterns for reselling or web representation.
If there is an issue with the pattern, please contact us so we can work it out together.

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Creation of Lilith Cross Stitch Pattern
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