Stained Glass Dracula’s Tower Cross Stitch Pattern

$ 3.33

Step into the shadowy realms of Transylvania with our Dracula’s Tower cross stitch pattern, designed to tantalize your darkest stitching desires. Evoking a sense of both dread and wonder, this gothic cross stitch pattern captures the iconic silhouette of Dracula’s Tower, a beacon in the world of vampire cross stitch designs.

Stitched in the mesmerizing style of stained glass cross stitch, each facet of the pattern radiates an eerie glow, making it a perfect spooky cross stitch piece for any lover of the macabre. Whether you’re a seasoned witchy stitcher or just venturing into the dark cross stitch world, this design, inspired by tales of horror and fantasy, will have you under its spell.

The nuances in the pattern not only pay homage to Halloween cross stitch traditions but also dive deep into the world of creepy cross stitch, creating a balance between the macabre and the beautiful. With hints of occult cross stitch, and subtle nods to wiccan cross stitch, there’s a layer of mystique in every thread.

For those who practice witchcraft cross stitch, this pattern is a must-have. It’s not just a piece of art, but a symbol of the age-old dance between light and dark, life and death. As a modern cross stitch design, it combines classic motifs with a contemporary twist, making it perfect for today’s xstitch enthusiasts.

So, dear stitcher, embark on this journey into the heart of Transylvania, and let your needles weave a tale of mystery, horror, and unparalleled beauty. 🖤🦇🌙🕸️

You will get a PDF counted cross stitch pattern available for instant download. No physical item will be sent.

The pattern includes:

– a finished image

– an image of the whole chart (color and b&w)

– colorful detailed symbol pattern in PDF format

– instruction and key section

– list of DMC thread colors

This pattern is full cross stitches only.

Floss: DMC 25 color

Fabric: Aida 14-count Antic White (other Aida Fabric Counts may be used, the finished pattern will be different in size)

Design size: 187×194 Stitches

10 ct 187×194 Stitches (47,5 x 49,3 cm) (18,7 x 19,4 in.)

14 ct 187×194 Stitches (33,9 x 35,2 cm) (13,4 x 13,9 in.)

16 ct 187×194 Stitches (29,7 x 30,8 cm) (11,7 x 12,1 in.)

18 ct 187×194 Stitches (26,4 x 27,4 cm) (10,4 x 10,8 in.)

20 ct 187×194 Stitches (23,7 x 24,6 cm) (9,4 x 9,7 in.)

22 ct 187×194 Stitches (21,6 x 22,4 cm) (8,5 x 8,8 in.)

25 ct 187×194 Stitches (19,0 x 19,7 cm) (7,5 x 7,8 in.)

32 ct 187×194 Stitches (14,8 x 15,4 cm) (5,8 x 6,1 in.)

36 ct 187×194 Stitches (13,2 x 13,7 cm) (5,2 x 5,4 in.)

We wish you a lot of inspiration and happy stitching!

I would love to see your finished work! Share your pictures on Instagram and mention @RavenStitchCraft , you will also get 100% off on your next purchase as thank you.


Please do not use PDF or printed version of our patterns for reselling or web representation.

If there is an issue with the pattern, please contact us so we can work it out together.

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Stained Glass Dracula’s Tower Cross Stitch Pattern
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