Unicorn and Lilith Cross Stitch Pattern

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A gothic cross stitch tribute to the eternal dance between light and darkness, this yin-yang like design weaves a tale of contrast within every stitch, enchanting both the witchy stitcher and the lovers of occult cross stitch alike.

In one corner, a unicorn cross stitch, symbolizing purity and grace, gallops through an ethereal world of pastel goth hues, while the other half reveals a devil cross stitch, embodying Lilith, the rebellious night spirit, in a witchy woodcut block print style that hails from the heart of medieval Salem. Embrace the balance of spiritual cross stitch, the unity of creatures bound by myth and magic. It’s like the ultimate yin yang cross stitch for your crafty soul.

The design? It’s a total yin-yang thing, but with a twist. It’s got that spiritual cross stitch vibe that totally tells a story – a bit of light and dark, you know? The good ol’ battle between the cheery daylight and the intriguing shadows. It’s not just a gothic cross stitch pattern, it’s a narrative!

And hey, if you’re into the whole Halloween vibe year-round (who isn’t?), this halloween cross stitch is a scream! Plus, for the modern witches out there, this modern cross stitch pattern is the perfect mix of old-school charm and contemporary flair.

Now, I know you love a bit of a thrill, so this horror cross stitch part of the pattern will give you chills. It’s not your everyday creepy cross stitch; it’s more like an artistic shout-out to the eerier side of life.

Oh, and did I mention it’s dripping with dark cross stitch energy? Like, if the Addams Family did crafts, this would be their jam. But it’s not all gloom and doom. You’ve got your witchy cross stitch elements that make it a total gem for anyone into Wiccan cross stitch or just looking to channel their inner witchy stitcher.

It’s versatile, too! Picture this hanging in your living room when it’s not even October鈥攖alk about a spooky cross stitch conversation starter, right? And for the fantasy buffs, the Pegasus cross stitch detail in the corner is like a little hidden Easter egg.

You will get a PDF counted cross stitch pattern available for instant download. No physical item will be sent.
The pattern includes:
– a finished image
– an image of the whole chart (color and b&w)
– colorful detailed symbol pattern in PDF format
– instruction and key section
– list of DMC thread colors

This pattern is full cross stitches only.
Floss: DMC 4 color
Fabric: Aida 14-count
Design size: 140×140 Stitches

10 ct 140×140 Stitches (35,6 x 35,6 cm) (14,0 x 14,0 in.)
14 ct 140×140 Stitches (25,4 x 25,4 cm) (10,0 x 10,0 in.)
16 ct 140×140 Stitches (22,2 x 22,2 cm) (8,8 x 8,8 in.)
18 ct 140×140 Stitches (19,8 x 19,8 cm) (7,8 x 7,8 in.)
20 ct 140×140 Stitches (17,8 x 17,8 cm) (7,0 x 7,0 in.)
22 ct 140×140 Stitches (16,2 x 16,2 cm) (6,4 x 6,4 in.)
25 ct 140×140 Stitches (14,2 x 14,2 cm) (5,6 x 5,6 in.)
32 ct 140×140 Stitches (11,1 x 11,1 cm) (4,4 x 4,4 in.)
36 ct 140×140 Stitches (9,9 x 9,9 cm) (3,9 x 3,9 in.)

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We wish you a lot of inspiration and happy stitching!

I would love to see your finished work! Share your pictures on Instagram and mention @RavenStitchCraft , you will also get a free cross stitch pattern.

Please do not use PDF or printed version of our patterns for reselling or web representation.
If there is an issue with the pattern, please contact us so we can work it out together.

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Unicorn and Lilith Cross Stitch Pattern
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